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The Real Reason You ArenҴ Losing Weight, By a Secret Slimmer

No one knows our plan quite like our Secret Slimmers! Here, one customer shares why neglecting self care could be the real reason why you aren’t losing weight, and shares her 4 top tips to give your self-care routine a boost.

Lists. They are great, aren’t they? Currently I have around 6 lists on repeat in my head. I have the overall to do list. You know the one. The things that ‘absolutely have to get done.’ Urgent and important things such as renew the car insurance, check out what that scraping noise is when I press the brakes and drop my teenage son to his endless social engagements.

I also have a ‘Things that need done in the house’ list. This list has around 30 to-dos, yet I never seem to get beyond the first 4 of laundry, hoover, mop and clean bathroom. I have a To Do list for my pets, I have a To Do list for my teenager that is never ending, and I have a family To Do list which has been elevated in status since my mum had a fall. Oh, and work. I have a work To Do List. You know the thing that actually pays the bills.

Spotted what’s missing yet? Yes, the ‘me’ list. Where jostling for position beside meditate, start a regular yoga practice and do pelvic floor exercises is the never ending ‘to do’… lose weight.

I worked out yesterday that the losing weight ’to-do’ has

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